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How do I adjust the size of the font?

Most of the content pages throughout the site allow you to increase or decrease the font size to make it easier to read. To adjust the font size, click on the font size control button, found on the upper-right-hand side of the content pages. In the first row, click on the "+" or "-" buttons to increase or decrease the font size, respectively. You can also click the "A" button to return the font to the default size.

You can also adjust the boldness of the fonts by using the controls in the second row. As you click from left to right across the "B" buttons, the fonts will become bolder. Note that some browsers support two levels of boldness while others support three; the buttons will adjust to match your browser's capabilities.

To adjust the fonts for tables opened in the same window, click on the "Text Resize" button found with other table controls. (Tables opened in a new window will feature the normal font size control button.)

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