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How do I simulate an exam?

IM Essentials offers a range of options for creating custom quizzes. Start by clicking the down arrow on the Questions tab and choosing Custom Quiz.

Follow the on-screen instructions to:

  • Choose between Study mode (answers and critiques are displayed as you answer questions) and Exam mode (answers are not shown until you complete the quiz and you can choose how much time to allow yourself).
  • Choose one or more sections to include in the quiz.
  • Choose whether or not to include previously answered questions or just unanswered questions.
  • Choose whether to basic or advanced questions.
  • Choose the number of questions to include.

In Exam mode, you’ll see a timer as you work through the questions. You may manually pause the timer or it will automatically pause if you leave your session. You can return to your quiz from the home screen.

After you complete your quiz, you can step through all of your answers and critiques or just those for your incorrect answers. You can create as many Custom Quizzes as you like, though you may only have one active quiz at a time.

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